"How To Comfortably Quit Drinking From Your Own Home, While Reducing Cravings by at Least 90% or MORE...Guaranteed."

"A-Z Guidance On Quitting Drinking, Preventing Withdrawal, Repairing Your Body, and Rewiring Your Brain Away From Alcohol...Forever"

-Chris Scott
Founder, Fit Recovery

Do You Feel
Trapped By Alcohol?

...And Are You Afraid Of Dreadful Alcohol
Withdrawal Symptoms And Intense Cravings?

If you answered "yes" to this question, read on to learn how you can comfortably quit drinking at home while minimizing withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

I'm about to tell you about a SUPER POWERFUL alcohol detox and recovery method that can help you QUIT DRINKING WITHOUT WILLPOWER.

But first, you need to have a little background on how I discovered this simple system.

Here's how it all began...

My Story

I too was once addicted to alcohol.

In fact, I really believe that I was "biologically primed" to become addicted to alcohol.

Here's why...

When I was 16, I got drunk with my friends for the first time.

An older friend had gotten us a bottle of cheap vodka.

Three of us were taking swigs from the bottle, but I'll never forget how different of reactions we had to alcohol.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, so it's supposed to make you tired.

Well, that's exactly what happened to my friends Andy and Jon.

Just 45 minutes after we took a few shots each, they were asleep, passed out on the couch in my basement, and I'm pretty sure Andy was drooling a little.

I had a completely opposite reaction.

The alcohol GAVE ME ENERGY...

I stayed up and drank the entire fifth myself.

But that wasn't all...

I also felt happier, more confident, more excited about life, and my dark basement suddenly felt like a wonderland!

l-theanine for alcohol withdrawal

So now you see why I said I was "biologically primed" to become addicted to alcohol.

Drinking made me feel how I always wanted to feel, and I wanted to feel like that all of the time.

I absolutely loved alcohol, but it wasn't until I went to college that I became addicted to it.

Drinking helped to provide me with energy, a relief of social anxiety, more confidence, and it even helped me write my senior thesis.

Alcohol made life better for a while...

Until I developed a big tolerance, then a dependence, and as soon as I entered the work world, the honeymoon was over.

Being addicted to alcohol was hell.

It was absolutely horrible being stuck on a drug that was eating up my money, ruining my health, and hurting my productivity at work.

I wanted to quit...badly.

But I didn't know what to do.

I tried and tried, over and over again...

And every time I tried to quit drinking, I either fell flat on my face, or I succeeded...

Only to relapse weeks or months later, thus starting the vicious cycle of addiction all over again.

My binges got worse, my daily drinking intensified, and my withdrawal symptoms became absolutely nightmarish.

After hundreds of failed attempts to quit drinking on my own for a few more years, I entered a very well-regarded treatment center.

I succeeded in detoxing off of alcohol, but when I got home, I wondered why I STILL had cravings, anxiety, and depression.

I was also crushed to find out that several of my friends from detox had relapsed and died.

This experience lit a spark within me, one that ultimately led me down a less traveled path.

Actually, I paved my own road.

I Took It Upon Myself To Study:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Brain Science
  • Nutrition & Supplementation
  • Health & Fitness
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Psychology
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Personal Development
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Living a Purpose-
Driven Life

Along with these, I also studied many other relevant areas that I believed could help me find the answers I was PASSIONATELY seeking.

As a result of my dedication to dominating alcohol addiction, I made a truly remarkable recovery.

Within six months of leaving inpatient detox, I had repaired my body and brain, and I felt like a brand new person.

I made it my Life’s Mission and Purpose to help others reclaim their health so that they could get more out of life.

To start living this purpose-driven life, I became a personal trainer, where I helped many individuals get into shape.

However, after realizing how many of my training clients had secret addiction issues, I saw firsthand how well they all responded to my supplement recommendations and exercise.

In an effort to reach more people, as well as to enjoy freedom of creativity, I started a Blog which I named Fit Recovery.

I started writing about everything I'd learned over the past few years.

I focused first on all of the natural remedies I'd learned about for alcohol withdrawal, cravings, and post-acute withdrawal.

These were strategies I'd used myself to eliminate the INTENSE cravings and anxiety that I experienced after leaving rehab.

I started hearing from hundreds of people telling me how much better they were feeling thanks to my recommendations!

I Became an Obsessed Seeker of Alcohol
Recovery Strategies...

And over 3 years ago, I started my own Coaching Practice, and have been working with individuals one-on-one ever since.

So far, my Clients have over an 80% success rate, a full year after working with me!!!

And to me, that is amazing...considering that traditional types of treatment have a 95% failure rate.

Why is my method of alcohol recovery so effective?

After nearly 5 years of continually developing and refining my knowledge, I’ve created a unique system of alcohol recovery, which I call "The Hierarchy of Alcohol Recovery."

In this Hierarchy, there are 4 Pillars that all need to be addressed and treated effectively for an individual to make a holistic recovery.

These 4 Primary Aspects of
Alcohol Recovery Include:

  • Biochemical (Physical)
  • Psychological
  • Social
  • Spiritual
l-theanine for alcohol withdrawal

The Missing Link...

Early on in my studies, I realized the main reason most treatment programs fail to help people achieve a long-term, sustainable recovery is because they don’t address all 4 pillars of recovery.

Most people have Missing Links that they never attend to!

For example, I attended an inpatient program that provided medication, AA meetings, and talk therapy.

While the talk therapy addressed the psychological aspect of addiction, the medications (antidepressants), while temporarily eliminating anxiety and depression, actually exacerbated underlying biochemical imbalances in the long run.

So they weaken the Physical Pillar instead of restoring it to balance.

In popular 12-step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), group members are heavily exposed to social and spiritual elements of recovery, though the physical and psychological realms are for the most part unattended to.

Even worse, some of the ideas promoted in 12-step programs are dated relics of 1930s thinking that can actually harm one's psychology.

After restoring my Physical Pillar -- and feeling good enough to regain my "power of choice" -- I chose to reject Powerlessness in favor of Empowerment.

The commonality that traditional treatment approaches share is their failure to address the Physical Aspect of Addiction.

Here is a very thought-provoking quote that resonates with me:

"The recovery process is frequently described as the restoration of body, mind, and spirit. The problem is that many programs have focused only on the latter two and have ignored the "body" component of recovery. Addictions are physical substances causing physical changes to a physical organ, the brain. So how do we conventionally treat them? With group therapy and spiritual counseling. Doesn't make sense, does it?"

Addiction is a 4-part malady (Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual), and my Hierarchy of Alcohol Recovery effectively treats each of these fundamental components in a natural, holistic way that is conducive to long-term Recovery, Health, and Happiness.

Why Is The Physical Pillar So Important?

Long-term use of alcohol leads to harmful brain adaptations that seriously effect mood and behavior.

Drinking heavily for months or years causes your brain to slowly become dependent upon alcohol for artificial rushes of endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, and GABA, neurotransmitters that we need to feel pleasure and to fend off stress.

People who quit drinking relapse at a rate of 95% because they feel crappy due to having such severe neurotransmitter deficiencies, so the Biochemical Pillar needs to be the FOUNDATION of recovery.

My system will teach you how to restore healthy neurotransmission fast, using Supplements, Nutrition, Exercise, and dozens of other effective methods.


How To Easily Quit Drinking At Home!


After nearly 5 years of continually improving my knowledge and skills as an Alcohol Recovery Coach, Author, and Blogger, I decided to create something that could change the world.

What is it?

Well, imagine how cool it would be if you could extract all of my knowledge on alcohol withdrawal and recovery methods, put all of these secrets and this proprietary information into one program, and make it fun, enjoyable, and simple to use...

Would that be something you could benefit from?

Because that's exactly what I did.

I created the first-ever, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive home-based alcohol recovery program, and it's called TOTAL ALCOHOL RECOVERY 2.0.

This online course is the culmination of everything I've learned, and all the strategies and tactics I've created to help you quit drinking from home and kick alcohol's ass long-term.

This ULTIMATE Alcohol Recovery Program will show you exactly how to quit while eliminating withdrawal and cravings.

What's an Online Course?

It's simply a "Digital Learning Program."

You just create a username and password, then log in from any type of device with internet connection (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop), and you can start learning at your own pace.

It requires no technical skills. If you know how to check emails then you have more than enough computer skills to log in and out of the course and click on the Activities. Super simple and fun!

TOTAL ALCOHOL RECOVERY 2.0 Consists of 5 Modules & 20 Activities, Including:

  • 1
    Video Lessons: Sit back and let my information replace your false beliefs about alcohol!
  • 2
    Written Lessons: Absorb my best epiphanies from studying alcohol recovery for 5 years.
  • 3
    Community: Participate in discussion forums with people who can relate to your situation!
  • 5
    Coaching: Live Q&A Sessions hosted by Chris Scott each month - ask him anything!
  • 6
    Lifetime Access: The course is always improving to reflect cutting-edge research.

Here's a Breakdown of the 5 Modules...


You will learn how to navigate the course, read my personal note to you, and get started on a strategic journal exercise.

  • Activity 1 - Welcome!
  • Activity 2 - About Chris Scott
  • Activity 3 - How To Use This Course


You will learn about the alcohol addiction epidemic, the science behind your addiction, and whether moderation is ever possible for people with alcohol addiction.

  • Activity 1 - Transcending The Cult Of Silent Destruction
  • Activity 2 - Biochemistry Of Alcohol Addiction & Withdrawal
  • Activity 3 - Why Repeated Withdrawal Symptoms Get Worse
  • Activity 4 - The Elephant In The Room: Moderation


You will learn about six home detox methods, four methods to minimize post-acute withdrawal, six medications for alcohol recovery, and tips for maximizing support.

  • Activity 1 - Beating Acute Withdrawal: Home Detox Plans
  • Activity 2 - Recognizing Post-Acute Withdrawal (PAWS)
  • Activity 3 - Beating PAWS: Nutrient Repair
  • Activity 4 - Beating PAWS: Diet
  • Activity 5 - Beating PAWS: Exercise
  • Activity 6 - Beating PAWS: Rewiring Your Brain
  • Activity 7 - Last Resort: Medications For Alcohol Addiction
  • Activity 8 - Improving Relationships & Maximizing Support


You will learn about more supplements, diet considerations, mental techniques, social strategies, and resources to transform your identity into the person you want to be.

  • Activity 1 - Physical And Mental Health Restoration
  • Activity 2 - Navigating Your Social Life Without Alcohol
  • Activity 3 - Guidance For Your Personal Transformation
  • Activity 4 - Live Q&A Sessions - Ask Chris Anything!

MODULE 5 - Further Resources

You will have access to a wealth of specialized information about supplements, medications, and other topics pertinent to alcohol recovery. I'm constantly adding to this section!

How To ​Quit ​
Without Cravings

Module 3 is the heart of the program, and it will be your absolute favorite because it shows you exactly how to quit drinking without withdrawal and cravings.

Many people are confused about what they should do to taper off of alcohol.

If you've quit drinking but you're struggling with cravings or post-acute withdrawal, these lessons will make your life WAY easier!

After completing this section of the program...

You will be very knowledgeable about detox, and you'll also develop a plan to repair your body and brain over the next 1-3 months.

There is a HUGE section that focuses on Home Detox.

You'll learn about every single alcohol withdrawal remedy that can help you to feel better, including:

Prescription Medications, Herbs, Amino acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Other Nutrients, Natural Drugs, and Home Remedies.

You'll also learn how long to take your supplements and when it's time to transition into "maintenance phase" that will keep you healthy and craving-free for the rest of your life.

But the best part of Module 3 is the 3-hour webinar where I cover Subconscious Reconditioning in great detail.

This webinar is easily worth the entire price of the program.

You'll be an expert in alcohol recovery after watching it!

And what's'll know exactly how to get off of alcohol without struggling with persistent withdrawal and cravings.

Mainstream Addiction Treatment Is BROKEN

I recently did a Consultation Session with a businessman client, and he makes $400,000 a year, but he's spent over $500,000 on 7 different "high-end" treatment programs that ALL failed him!!

How is this possible, you ask?

Because mainstream rehab still uses methods from the 1930s! 

Every other field of medicine achieves MUCH better outcomes for patients compared to 40 years ago. 

Meanwhile, "mental health" treatment has not progressed at all, with more people dying from alcohol, drugs, and suicide than ever before.

I have no doubt that I would have relapsed soon after ​I left rehab if I had not discovered the information I'm about to share with you.

Traditional alcohol addiction treatment is both EXPENSIVE and INEFFECTIVE.

How's that for a double whammy?

Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0

  • Costs $7 per day spread out over one month.
  • Quit drinking at home.
  • Conquer cravings in days or weeks.
  • Fix the Root Causes of YOUR addiction.
  • Supplements for biochemical stability. 
  • Reframe alcohol as undesirable poison.
  • Positive reinforcement (Inspiration).
  • Empower yourself to leave alcohol behind.

Traditional Rehab

  • Costs $500 - $1,000 per day ($15,000+ / month).
  • 1-3 months away.
  • Cravings often last forever.
  • One-size-fits-all dogma from the 1930s.
  • 12-steps and AA meetings.
  • Alcohol remains "forbidden fruit."
  • Negative reinforcement (Shame).
  • You're powerless over alcohol forever.

Break Your Chains of Addiction

This course places a lot of emphasis on healing your body and restoring neurotransmitter levels so that you can finally enjoy peace of mind.

My desired outcome for you in this course is to restore your faith in yourself, and empower you to recover!

All that is required of you is the resolve to learn new strategies and the willingness to ask me questions - I'm always here for you!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


What People Are Saying About
Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0

Dear Chris, I do believe you have saved my life. I wake up every morning and feel gratitude for your help. I have been binge drinking every day for many years and was worried it was going to do me in soon. I had had a couple of successful abstinence periods but couldn't quite get back there again. 

I have used the kratom and CBD oil with great success. Also using supplements and herbals you suggested. It has been the easiest transition I have ever experienced. I know a lot about nutrition and different therapies, but without your additional suggestions and knowledge this wouldn't have happened. My deepest heartfelt gratitude to you! You're awesome!"


One of my main goals was to give up my daily bottle of wine a day habit. Psychologically I had convinced myself that it would be too hard, that I would miss it it every day and night, that I would have terrible insomnia, that I would fail! So why bother trying!!!

I am in week 4 if my change in attitude, change of habit and change of health! I am using many of the supplements you have recommended and I am on a path I never thought was possible to sustain. My children and husband have noticed a huge change in me and I have felt a change in myself, a change where I am in control, not wine! I honestly never really thought this was possible!!"


“At this point in time I have no urge to drink. I have been in situations where others are drinking and have still not desired to drink. When my ego says come on just have one, I know it's the biggest lie in the world. I know where alcohol takes me, and I don't want to go there ever again.

As I write this it's Monday morning, it used to be a time of dread for me wondering how I would make it through the week, let alone the day. I'm so much happier. This after only 21 days, and I know I am still healing. I wish all of you the best, Thanks Chris, I appreciate the program, it's been informative and easy to use."


“I am 6 days sober and yesterday the last of my supplements arrived. I started taking what I had and this morning I actually woke up with a little bit of energy. I cannot remember the last time I felt energy. Years!

I have worked out two days now and will continue. Honestly, with my relapses and what I am reading about alcoholism, it is a terminal illness if untreated. I have some hope today! Thank You!!"


"I have not had a drink in 3 weeks and one day!

I am not having the sense - like I did when I had 2 years of sobriety in AA many years ago - that I'm holding my breath and walking on egg shells, scared that any day I 'will fall off the wagon.' 

Everything seems possible
Thank you so much Chris for the information and support you provide."


“Hello Chris: Day 92 and still poison free. My body is not overly sensitive to the supplements - in other words, I don’t feel the supplements, but I know they have worked since I have no real physical urge to drink (I don’t even need the ones to curb cravings).

I am so grateful to you and your program and I am also ecstatic that I have made such progress in just 3 months. Thanks Chris!"


"I have been detoxing the all natural Fit Recovery way. I really do not have alcohol cravings. I do need to start exercising, but I have been sick with bronchitis. 

Thank you so much Chris. I have been sleeping better than I have for years."



Here are some of additional benefits you will reap when you sign up:

BENEFIT #1 - You will understand the root causes of alcohol addiction, and why you got addicted in the first place. You will also understand why it makes no sense to punish yourself for having a biochemical disorder, and why you should be optimistic about your ability to heal and rewire your brain!

BENEFIT #2 - You will have the opportunity to share your experiences and ask questions in discussion forums, with customized answers from me and support from your peers.

BENEFIT #3 - You will have access to long presentations that I've made to help clarify brain and body repair for alcohol addiction. Most people relapse during post-acute withdrawal. While other people at the same stage as you are relapsing, you will be proactively repairing your system using techniques that few people know about. 

BENEFIT #4 - You will learn about the power of certain amino acids for restoring your neurotransmitter levels. And you will see why these neurotransmitters are so important for alcohol recovery!

BENEFIT #5 - You will learn strategies that address all four pillars of alcohol recovery - Biochemical, Psychological, Social, and Spiritual. The physical (or biochemical) pillar is the most important pillar, and you will have access to an unprecedented amount of information that you will use to rebuild your system on a cellular level.

BENEFIT #6 - You will receive a detailed guide on detox medications in case you need to obtain them from your doctor. Some people need the extra help that medications can provide. The information that you will receive about medications goes far beyond what any traditional rehab center will tell you.

BENEFIT #7 - You will understand EXACTLY which supplements and strategies you'll need to beat alcohol addiction. This course will help you proceed in a logical and step-by-step way. This course proceeds in order - from making the decision to conquer addiction, to dealing with acute withdrawal, post-acute withdrawal, and finally building a new identity apart from alcohol.

BENEFIT #8 - You will stop torturing yourself over the possibility of "moderation" in the future. I address this question without any dogma whatsoever. I use statistics, anecdotes from my coaching experience, and personal reflections to help you put an end to ruminating about whether you can truly moderate alcohol.

BENEFIT #9 - You will learn how to confidently and effectively conduct yourself as a nondrinker, and the one real key to no longer craving alcohol at social events. If you master this one key, you will be able to go to parties - as I do - and not even think for a second about all of the people drinking around you.

BENEFIT #10 - You will learn how to distinguish between biochemical and situational factors that affect your mental health overall, and how to optimize your life from both biochemical and subjective perspectives. You will also learn about the two ingredients of real happiness that need to be attained in order to end your psychological attachment to the toxic, artificial bliss that alcohol provides.

The Choice Is Yours...

Imagine waking up free from hangovers and alcohol withdrawal, feeling rested and excited to tackle the day.

Imagine going out to events and being liberated from alcohol cravings and external pressure to drink.

Imagine saving all the money that you currently spend on alcohol in a year. (Have you calculated that yet?)

Imagine feeling gratitude every day for personal growth in areas that are important to you.

Imagine taking control of your health and channeling that energy into being the person you were born to be.

I have experienced all of these things.

I am here to tell you that if I can do it, then YOU also have the power to achieve a total transformation.

Don't just take my word for it -- hundreds of people have used Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 to reclaim their bodies and minds from toxic alcohol!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this course doesn't help you quit drinking and reduce your alcohol withdrawal and cravings by 90% or more, email within 30 days of purchase and we'll send you all of your money back.

Chris Scott Fit Recovery
Chris Scott

Creator of

Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0

About Chris Scott

Chris Scott founded Fit Recovery to help people from around the world dominate alcohol dependence and optimize their health. Chris is in his 5th year alcohol-free, and he's personally helped thousands of people quit drinking, optimize their health, and build their best lives.

A Professional Member of Alliance For Addiction Solutions, Chris has dedicated nearly half a decade to studying alcohol recovery, natural supplementation, and fitness.

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